Included in Crosscut and De Los (LA Times) Best Photos of 2023

Crosscut's 2023 Photos of the Year

People dress up in inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur costumes to take part in the so-called T-Rex World Championship Races at Emerald Downs racetrack in Auburn, Washington, USA, on Sun., Aug. 20, 2023. The racetrack holds a variety of themed events to draw in audiences and entertain the crowds between races at the track.

Two of my photos from a story about the use of federal pandemic relief money being used at the Emerald Downs horserace track in Auburn, WA, were included in Crosscut’s 2023 Photos of the Year. You can see other photos from the assignment here. Thanks to Genna for the original assignment and for including me among all the other great work last year at Crosscut!

The best De Los photos of 2023

One of my photos, of Los Hernandez’s asparagus and pepperjack tamales, was selected for the Los Angeles Times’ Best De Los Photos of 2023. De Los is a special section at the LA Times focusing on the Latino experience in the United States. You can see other photos of the assignment, about food in the Yakima Valley, in the recent work section of my website. Thanks to Rachel, Raul, and the rest of the LAT and De Los photo teams for the assignment and including me in the year-end list!

Now based in Seattle, Washington

After twelve years in Boston, my family and I have moved back to Seattle. We last lived there almost twenty years ago and have been wanting to return for a long time. With our five-year-old about to start kindergarten, we decided that now was the time to move closer to family and old friends, and back to a region of the US we hold close to our hearts. 

My daughter and I spent June 2023 driving slowly across the country with stops to visit friends, family, and roadside attractions. 

We’re now settling into our new house in Seattle and I’m especially keen to explore with fresh eyes a region I’ve known all my life.

↑ Seattle Center, July 2023

Image SELECTED for American-Photography 39 book

People gather outside the Boston Public Library in Copley Square to protest the Supreme Court's decision today in Dobbs v. Jackson, which overturns the constitutional right to abortion in the United States established in Roe v. Wade (1978), in Boston, Massachusetts, on Fri., June 24, 2022. A few different protest groups gathered in different parts of downtown and eventually converged in Copley Square.

One of my photos, of a group of protesters gather in Boston after the fall of Roe v. Wade has been SELECTED for inclusion in the American Photography 39 book. It’s always an honor to have work recognized in the book, and I’ve been lucky to be awarded by American Photography for the past 8 years (My work has previously been recognized by the organization in American Photography 38, 37, 3635343332, and 30.)

The jury, who selected 443 images to represent the best pictures of 2022, included Maïa Booker, The Wall Street Journal; David Cooper, Freelance Photo Editor; Maura Friedman, National Geographic; Lauryn Hill, WIRED; Amy Kellner, The New York Times Magazine; Robert Miller, The Washington Post; Laura Oliverio, CNN; Amy Silverman, Airbnb; Allyson Torrisi, People; Karen Williams, Freelance Photo Director and Producer; Andrea Wise, ProPublica; and Cengiz Yar, Rest of World.

In Bulgaria April 19 to 30, 2023

Lecturers at the conference April 21-23, 2023.

I’m very excited to be returning to Bulgaria this week to participate in the photo conference in Pomorie and then travel to Sofia to exhibit work from the Baltics and talk with local photojournalists. 

I last visited Bulgaria in 2016 to exhibit my work on the 2016 election with BG Press Photo and had such a wonderful time. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the photo community there. 

In the Baltics May 5-16

An old car sits in a residential courtyard outside Riga, Latvia.

Jūrmala, Latvia – 2004

From May 5-16, I’m taking my first international trip since the start of the pandemic and going to the Baltics, starting first in Riga, Latvia, and then Estonia. I first traveled in the region in 2004, when I just starting out with a camera and had a backpack full of hand-rolled tri-x and kodachrome(!). I was in Lithuania for Kaunas Photo Festival in 2016, but sadly didn’t travel any further northward that year. Looking forward to exploring a new place for a couple weeks. After that I’ll be back in Boston doing regular assignment work around New England.

One image SELECTED for American Photography 38 book

A tree has fallen on a house on East St at the eastern edge of Hingham, Massachusetts, at the end of the region's first Nor'easter storm of the season on Wed., Oct. 27, 2021.

CREDIT: M. Scott Brauer for the New York Times

My photo of storm damage south of Boston for the New York Times, has been Selected for inclusion in American Photography 38 book. It’s always such a joy to have work recognized in the book, and honor I’ve had for the past 7 years (My work has previously been recognized by the organization in American Photography 37, 3635343332, and 30.) The image was first published on the New York Times front page of the Oct. 28, 2021 edition.

From the announcement: From over 7,000 entries, the jury SELECTED 393 images by the jury to appear in the book and represent the best pictures from 2021. The American Photography 38 winning collection represents over 224 of the industry’s best photographers. The jury this year included: Samir  Abady, The Wall Street Journal; Dudley Brooks, The Washington Post Magazine; Shahrzad Elghanayan, NBC News; Gail Fletcher, Guardian; Jeanne Graves, Fast Company; Whitney Matewe, TIME; Michele  Romero, PhotoRehab; Elijah S. Walker, New York Times; Amy  Wolff, Hearst Enthusiast Group; Nili Zadok, Executive Producer

A big thank you to Sarah, Jennifer, and Maura at the NYT for the assignment, support, and placement on the front page; to this year’s jury of American Photography; and to Mark and the rest of the team at American Photography who makes it all run.

A tree has fallen on a house on East St at the eastern edge of Hingham, Massachusetts, at the end of the region's first Nor'easter storm of the season on Wed., Oct. 27, 2021.

CREDIT: M. Scott Brauer for the New York Times