I'm happy to announce that one of my pictures has been named Chosen in American Photography 34. Unlike the past few years, I won't have anything in the book this year, but it's an honor to have this image, of a man injured in scuffles outside the DeploraBall before Trump's inauguration in Washington, DC, honored in the annual selection of the best photography in the US.

Thanks to the American Photography organizers and the judges this year: Roxanne Behr, New York magazine; Siobhan Bohnacker, The New Yorker; Todd Heughens, FX Networks; Andrew Katz, TIME; Chelsea Matiash, The New York Times (formerly The Intercept); Krista Prestek, Apple (formerly GQ); and Matt Willey, The New York Times Magazine.

Previously, I've had images Selected for the book in American Photography 33 and American Photography 32, and one image Chosen for the website in American Photography 30.

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