I got a call in the middle of the night in January, two days before a trip to Xinjiang in far western China. I was surprised to hear the voice of a friendly Wall Street Journal photo editor asking if I'd be able to photograph high-fashion brand MCM's first store in China for a story about the brand's resurgence under new ownership. The billionaire owner would be there, as well as members of Shanghai's rich and famous. Not exactly my scene, but I'm always excited to see something new and different. The shoot was a long day in a single room, but it was an enjoyable challenge. I finally got a chance to see how they used the photos; I so rarely see my photos anywhere but on a computer screen, so it was especially exciting to get a copy of the paper. Big thanks go to the MCM team for being so friendly and helpful, and the editors of the Wall Street Journal for giving my photos some great play and for calling me in the first place.