One of my images from an opposition rally in Moscow, Russia, in 2012, has been selected for the Eastreet 3 exhibition and book in Lublin, Poland, opening July 10, 2015. You can see the picture, of a young policeman waiting in a bus prior to the protest outside Lubyanka, above.

The focus of the exhibition and book is generally street photography in Eastern Europe, but more specifically "a closer look at human presence within the public spaces of Eastern Europe, through the unposed, spontaneous, photos, documenting the unique moments, ideas and symbols. Photos which can help us to visually describe the region, to look at it beyond stereotypes, borders and differences, but at the same time – attempt to define Eastern Europe, show it’s current state and unique qualities. The goal of Eastreet is to create a complex and diverse portrait of the region and street photography itself, in a form of group exhibition and publication."

Of 10,000 photos submitted, 82 were chosen for the exhibition. The photos will be presented in galleries and outdoor spaces in Poland; the book will be distributed during a cultural festival that the exhibitions are a part of; the book will also be sent to international art institutions and gallerists; and, if the past is any indication, the exhibition will be presented at other festivals and galleries around the world (Eastreet 2 was shown in Belgium, France, Ukraine, Bangkok, the Angkor Photo Festival, the Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival, and elsewhere). There will also be workshops and talks accompanying the exhibition 10-12 July, 2015.

Thanks to Eastreet 3's sponsors, including Poland's Ministry of Culture, and curators: Joanna Kinowska, Aleksander Bochenek, Tomasz Kulbowski, Grzegorz Ostręga, and George Georgiou.

Thanks also to Sean Proctor, Ian MacLellan, Kayana Szymczak, Kristy Walker, Gerry McCarthy, and Ray Whitehouse, for help with the edit I sent in to the call for entry.

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