Thanks to Pete Brook, late of Prison Photography, Photography Prison, and Wired's Raw File, for including dvafoto in his coverage of the photography blogging community. Read the article, and learn about all the great blogs that are required reading. Dvafoto, a collaboration between co-conspirator Matt Lutton and I, has been a challenging and interesting project. What started as a place for Matt and I to post our work when we were just starting to make pictures garnering just a few visitors everyday (mostly friends and family) has blossomed into something of indeterminate size and scope with 100,000 readers a year. Since we've known each other, we've been emailing each other links to interesting projects, our thoughts on new work, and our own work--we thought others might be interested in what we were talking about. I never imagined that it would get as big as it has. We've both met so many people and had so many opportunities come out of our humble blog. I can't be thankful enough to our readers. We aren't done, either.