Joe Biden in New York Magazine

A big thanks to Marvin at New York magazine for reaching out about my work covering Joe Biden to accompany Olivia Nuzzi's excellent profile of the campaign. It's the third time my photos have accompanied her reporting (after the Hope Hicks and Pete Buttigieg profiles)

The photo appeared in the Oct. 28, 2019, issue of New York and is also available online: The Zombie Campaign: Joe Biden is the least formidable front-runner ever. Will it matter?

Politics and potatoes at the Iowa State Fair for Time

For Time magazine, I spent 5 days at the Iowa State Fair in August, covering the candidates at the Political Soapbox and the chaos of the fair, from champion potatoes to the accordion contest. It was an absolute dream assignment (well...except for the heat and humidity!) just wandering around finding interesting people to talk to and photograph. You can see Time's edit on the magazine's website: Potatoes and Politics: See Photos From the 2019 Iowa State Fair. This will be a vital part of my ongoing coverage of the 2020 election.

Huge thanks go to editors Paul Moakley, Katherine Pomerantz, and Kim Bubello, for the support and for the thoughtful edit.

Las Vegas image in Germany’s Manager Magazin

It's always nice to find new life for an old picture. In this case, Germany's "Manager Magazin," in the July 1, 2019, edition of the magazine used a photo from a couple years ago for a piece on the business of Las Vegas. The image was originally shot on the "Bus to November" project I did a couple years ago with Bloomberg, traveling across the US from Philadelphia to Los Angeles by Greyhound Bus for 2 weeks.

Thanks to Martin for finding a way to use the picture!

Lisette Cooper of Athena Capital Advisors for Bloomberg Special Report

For a Bloomberg Market Special Report magazine on "Family Offices," I photographed Lisette Cooper, Chief Investment Officer at Athena Capital Advisors. Thanks to Donna Cohen for the call and the great layout in the magazine!

Pete Buttigieg campaigning in New Hampshire for New York magazine

A big thanks to Marvin for calling me at the last minute to cover one of Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg's recent campaign swing through New Hampshire for New York magazine. It was a quick shoot, with no special access, but it was a joy to get assigned to just do my thing while covering the candidate's ascendance to the top of the 2020 Democratic primary field. My pictures accompany Olivia Nuzzi's excellent profile of Buttigieg. The piece ended up as the cover story for the April 14-28, 2019, issue of New York.

Thanks again to Marvin, Jody, Olivia, and the rest of the talented team at New York magazine.

Foundation Medicine rebranding

I was commissioned by pharmaceutical company Foundation Medicine to produce a variety of imagery for their rebranding. Here is one of the images in context, as the main image of their website. This was all part of a multi-part shoot including studio portraits of patients, on-location portraits of employees, and lifestyle images of patients at home, all for a variety of uses by the brand. Weeks of planning resulted in a handful of shoots that wouldn't have happened without a phenomenal team helping behind the scenes.

Ace assistant: Peter Gumaskas
Hair and Makeup: Maryelle Artistry
Studio and rentals: High Output - Brighton
Location production: M Doucette Production
Talent: NEMG

Big thanks also to Catherine, Katie, Ira, and Ben, at Foundation Medicine for bringing me on for the job.

You can see more of the final images in the Recent Work section of this site.

Fidelity Execs for Bloomberg Markets Cover Story

I photographed Fidelity Investments CEO Abby Johnson and President of Fidelity Personal Investing Kathy Murphy for the cover of Bloomberg Markets magazine and the accompanying feature. What you may notice is that the image on the cover isn't actually a photo, but instead a painted version of my photo, as is the style for the magazine. The illustration was done by Caroline Pool.

A big thanks to Donna Cohen at Bloomberg for the challenging assignment, to Peter Gumaskas and CJ Gunther for assisting, and to Rose Fortuna for makeup.

You can see the original photo below, as well as images from inside the magazine. The article is available to read online, as well: The Most Powerful Woman in Investing Gives a Rare Interview

Dr. Michael Holick for Pro Publica

For ProPublica, I photographed Dr. Michael Holick, a professor and researcher at Boston University, as he examined a woman accused of child abuse and in his cluttered office and lab.

A big thank you to Jillian at ProPublica for calling me for the assignment. I've always admired ProPublica's work from afar, and it was such a pleasure to get the chance to work with the organization.

The article on Holick's work is well worth a read: The Child Abuse Contrarian. The piece was also published by the New Yorker.

You can see more of my photos of Holick in the Recent Work section of this website.

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