Last fall I worked on an incredible story about flying cars for Bloomberg's new future of transportation vertical Hyperdrive, published this week. Flying cars are the the perennial just-around-the-corner technology of 1950s dreams, but now there are at least two companies with plans to take their inventions to market, one of which is actively doing test drives and flights in New Hampshire. The reason that New Hampshire has become a focal point of Terrafugia's and Pal-V's flying cars (or "roadable aircraft," officially) is that last year the state passed the so-called Jetson's Bill, the first law of its kind in the United States, which provides a legal framework for regulating the usage of flying cars on roads and in the air in the state.

You can read the article on Bloomberg Hyperdrive now: Libertarians Want to Make New Hampshire a Flying Car Mecca: Can the "live free or die" state help the dream of roadable aircraft take flight?

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