A week ago, a last-minute phone call ended up turning to my first cover assignment for the Wall Street Journal. The editor called at about 7:45am asking how soon I could be at Seattle’s federal courthouse downtown because cryptocurrency mogul Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance known as “CZ,” would be appearing in court for both him and the company to plead guilty of money-laundering charges. What we thought would be a very quick turnaround turned into a long stakeout waiting for any sign of the businessman and his team. A little after 1pm, CZ appeared and quickly made his way from the building entrance to a vehicle waiting to drive him away. I filed 3 photos and quickly heard back about excitement in the newsroom that it might be the next day’s cover picture. And it was! 

View the tearsheet at right of the cover of the Nov. 22, 2023, edition of the Wall Street Journal. 

Thanks to Alex for the call and support throughout the day!

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