While in Montana last month, I spent some time on the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation photographing the annual powwow. The Rocky Boy powwow is a long-standing event and some of the Montana’s best dancers are from the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation; it's a huge event, too, drawing contestants and spectators from all over the US and Canada. The community, Montana’s smallest reservation, is also one of the youngest populations in the United States. The area is relatively isolated: it’s 20 miles from Havre, which hardly qualifies as a big city at just under 10,000, and nearly 100 miles to Great Falls, one of Montana’s largest cities at around 60,000. And while the reservation certainly has its problems, there’s hope. The local college seems to have recently been renovated and expanded, the tribe opened a casino which will provide some jobs and money, and the reservation’s infrastructure seems to be constantly improving.

This work will fit in with my ongoing Not Cloudy All Day series on ways of life in Montana.