A massive red tide, a bloom of blue-green algae, is covering the South China Sea off the coast of Qingdao. These photos were taken before the Chinese and international media caught on to the story, and before the bloom reached its peak at 5000 sq kilometers, and I managed to photograph it only because I'd been planning to visit Qingdao in the first place. The algae bloom, common in lakes in the mainland, is rare in the sea and was a potentially massive problem for the 2008 Olympics. Qingdao hosted the open water events for the Beijing Olympics, and only with the help of about 20,000 local "volunteers" was the city able to clear the water in time for the events. A bloom such as this is often caused by a combination of pollution and warm water.
You can see more images from this at my photo archive: Qingdao Algae Bloom