25 years after the Clery Act – University of Connecticut

I've had a busy few months so far this year, and had plenty of assignments from the Chronicle of Higher Education, one of my favorite clients. The assignments have run the gamut from portraits of professors and administrators to a day in the life of a college provost to a look at campus safety 25 years after the Clery Act.

For that last one, as you can see in the first few images of this post, I photographed the University of Connecticut's police chief and a couple locations on and near the campus where attacks occurred in the past couple of years.

Below, there are a few images from a normal day in Dr. Elwood Robinson's busy schedule as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Cambridge College. I followed along as he attended meetings with administrators and professors. He's since been named Chancellor of North Carolina's Winston-Salem State University.

And at the bottom are a few images from a 20-minute portrait shoot with the University of Massachusetts-Amherst's Dr. Brian Ogilvie. Those pictures accompanied an article about university hiring committees searching online for information beyond what is presented in application materials. Ogilvie is unique in that he does not search for additional information beyond what candidates submit during the hiring process.

A day in the life with Dr. Elwood Robinson at Cambridge College

Dr. Brian Ogilvie – University of Massachusetts Amherst

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