I photograph a lot of students, professors, and scientists for MIT's News Office, but it's been a while since I've shown any here on my website (my last roundup of these portraits was in 2012). These are a few favorites from the past year. These shoots are always tough...labs look very similar, the subjects are pressed for time (20 minutes or less is common), and it's difficult to get access ahead of time to scout or set up equipment.

Here you can see the following people: undergraduate architecture student Tiandra Ray, International Programs Professor in Management and Professor of Finance Jonathan Parker, Associate Professor of Biological Engineering Ernest Fraenkel, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Domitilla Del Vecchio, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Tonio Buonassisi, Robert A. Swanson Career Development Associate Professor of Life Sciences Jeroen Saeij, Associate Professor of Marketing Juanjuan Zhang, Associate Professor of Biology Iain Cheeseman, David Austin Professor of Management at the Sloan School of Management Sinan Aral, and Adjunct Professor at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and 2014 Turing Award winner Michael Stonebraker.

These and more from my work photographing MIT faculty and students are available for licensing in my archive.

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