For Education Week, I recently photographed school children walking in the woods at an Audubon site in Smithfield, Rhode Island. The program is part of Providence After School Alliance and aims to increase the time in a day that children spend learning, often through nontraditional programs. In this case, children walked through the woods of northern Rhode Island (coming from Montana, I must confess, I didn't know Rhode Island had forests) and learned about biology and ecology. It was a really fast shoot; the children were outside for not much more than 30 minutes. Thirty minutes is fine, if not generous, for most portrait shoots, but it's tough for a situation such as this with kids running every which way in unpredictable lighting conditions and unsure footing. I nearly stumbled a few times over hidden roots and fallen branches! You can see how Education Week published the pictures elsewhere on this site, or find more images in my archive.