I just got back home from exhibitions and festivals in Croatia, Bulgaria, and Lithuania, but I'm heading to New York this weekend to take part in a panel discussion at Photoville. Presented by Michael Shaw and Reading the Pictures, the panel is called "The Presidential Campaign Through New Eyes" and will also include Michael Shaw (as moderator), Mark Abramson, Landon Nordeman, Lorie Novak, and Hilary Swift. I've worked alongside Mark, Landon, and Hilary, covered the 2012 campaign a little for Michael at Reading the Pictures (then called BagNewsNotes), and have admired Lorie's work for a while, especially her Above the Fold project, so it's very exciting for me to sit on this panel with them, taking a step back from our work and considering it in a broader context.

The talk starts at 6pm on 24 September 2016 at the Photoville Pavilion at 60 Water Street in Brooklyn. Here's the announcement about the event on the Reading the Pictures website, as well.

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