Right before my recent travel across the US, I got a call from Erica at The Chronicle of Higher Education for a couple of assignments in New Hampshire for a story on the increasing role of online degrees at traditional universities. In the past few years, Southern New Hampshire University has increased its online offerings, and it has been a boon for the school. Now the school has students worldwide, earning fully-accredited degrees primarily online. For the shoot, I spent an evening at home with the Fiore family, two full-time-working parents and their young child, as Dan and Jennifer finished coursework for a mathematics course at SNHU. The next day, I met up with SNHU president Paul LeBlanc for portraits at the university's College of Online and Continuing Education offices in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire. It was a fun shoot, and you can see the photos used by the publication and the story online at the Chronicle's website: Online Venture Energizes Vulnerable College You can see more images from the shoots at my archive: Chronicle of Higher Education - Online Venture Energizes Vulnerable College - Study at home and Chronicle of Higher Education - Online Education - SNHU President Paul LeBlanc