Terrafugia flying car manufacturing and prototype test flight

For Bloomberg Hyperdrive, a relatively new vertical on the future of transportation, I got an absolutely dream assignment to photograph honest-to-goodness flying cars. New Hampshire is the first state in the US to create legislation regulating the use of flying cars, also known as roadable aircraft, allowing them to be used in the air and on the roads. A dream of the future for decades, there are now at least two manufacturers who will be selling flying cars in the near future, and both of them have outposts in New Hampshire.

The shoot took me to Terrafugia's headquarters in Massachusetts (where their latest model was on display with folded wings, a turn signal, and an active car license plate on it), a New Hampshire airport where Terrafugia has been running test flights with a flying car prototype for safety certifications; to PAL-V's sales office at the airport in Manchester, NH; and to one of the only remaining slotcar race tracks in the United States, run by one of the state legislators responsible for getting the so-called Jetsons Bill regulating flying cars into state law.

Every piece of this project was like a kid in a candy shop with so much to photograph (even though some of the facilities had very strict rules about what could be photographed). A huge thanks to Eugene for calling me for this one!!!

Steven D. Smith and Smith Scale Speedway slotcar races

Keith Ammon and the PAL-V roadable aircraft sales office in Manchester, NH

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