One of my images, seen at left of a tiger laying motionless in the zoo in Beijing, China, has been included in GoodPlanet Foundation's TERRA exhibition in Paris, France, currently on view. You can see my image as it's displayed in the picture of the exhibition installation above by Valeska Grafenstein.

Other photographers included in the exhibition include: Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, Li Gang, Vincent Munier, Cyril Ruoso, Philippe Bourseiller, Daniel Sulivan, Solvin Zanki, Jurgen Freund, Francis Latreille, Suzi Esztheras, Octavio Aburto, Brent Stirton, Daniel Beltra, Doug Perrine.

If you read French, you can read a bit about the exhibition at GoodPlanet's website.

Thanks to the team at GoodPlanet including Camila and Eric who handled everything with my picture in the exhibition. Wish I could see it in person!

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