Tearsheet: American flag balloons in ARTE magazine

My photo of American-flag balloons at the 2017 Women's March after the inauguration of President Donald Trump is the lead image for ARTE magazine's cover story in the October 2020 issue. The magazine is published by the European TV channel ARTE and is available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

A big thanks to Antonia for reaching out about the usage and finding a great way to use this picture!

Tearsheet: Sustainable Urban Garden and SuperUROP collaboration for MIT Spectrum Spring 2020

In the Spring 2020 issue of MIT's beautiful Spectrum magazine, which is widely distributed to the greater MIT community including alumni and donors, I've got a big double-truck featuring a shoot from last year on a student initiative to demonstrate sustainable urban gardening (also published online). As always with the Wide Angle feature spot, the layout demands dictated shooting. The designers always do a wonderful job making the pictures sing while providing a lot of information about the subject matter, but it can be a bit tough trying to fit everything into the frame while leaving substantial space for the text.

At left, also, is how a series of shoots showing SuperUROP collaborators from around the Institute was presented in the July 2020 Spectrum email blast, also available online.

A big thanks, as always, to Beth at Spectrum for the assignments and for help and guidance during the shoots.

Tearsheet: Bernie Sanders in the New Yorker

One of my images of Bernie Sanders campaigning was published by The New Yorker to illustrate their June 2020 interview with the politician by Andrew Marantz, licensed via Redux.

Read the article here: Bernie Sanders Is Not Done Fighting

New York Times Tearsheet – Semper Ficus: Office plants left behind during the pandemic

What a rare treat it is to get a full page of the New York Times devoted to photos, and even more surreal when it's the end result of letting my mind wander a bit in the shower. I started thinking one day about what happened to all the desk plants left behind when offices were abandoned at the start of the pandemic in March and started making a few calls to see if the interior plant services were still operating during stay-at-home orders.

Thanks to Brent Murray, photo editor for the NYT Sunday Business section, for being receptive to the pitch and supportive throughout the process, to the design team for figuring out what to do with all my verticals, and to the owners and employees of Plantwerks, Cityscapes, and Garden Streets for letting me follow along as they cared for their plants in offices around downtown and suburban Boston.

I'm especially proud of what you can see below, which is my first byline in the Times. I've done assignments for the paper off and on since 2005, but having my name at the top of the piece is a first. I only wish I'd been the one to come up with "Semper Ficus"...

You can see the piece online, as well: Semper Ficus: Who’s Keeping Abandoned Office Plants Alive?

Bernie Sanders and the NH Primary for Mother Jones

Thank you to Mark at Mother Jones for reaching about covering a day in the last week of the 2020 New Hampshire presidential primary. The piece, published on Feb. 12, is well worth a read: FrontrunnerBernie Sanders now leads the Democratic primary, thanks to a campaign that became its own message.

I previously covered politics for Mother Jones at the 2016 conventions: These Photos Reveal Moments From Hillary Clinton’s Philadelphia Convention That Few Will Ever See and Behind-the-Scenes Photos From Trump’s Bizarre GOP Convention

Bernie Sanders and the NH Primary for The New Republic

A big thanks to Stephanie at The New Republic for calling me to photograph Bernie Sanders in the final week of the New Hampshire presidential primary. You can read the excellent piece my work accompanies at TNR's website: This is How Bernie Wins

Joe Biden in New York Magazine

A big thanks to Marvin at New York magazine for reaching out about my work covering Joe Biden to accompany Olivia Nuzzi's excellent profile of the campaign. It's the third time my photos have accompanied her reporting (after the Hope Hicks and Pete Buttigieg profiles)

The photo appeared in the Oct. 28, 2019, issue of New York and is also available online: The Zombie Campaign: Joe Biden is the least formidable front-runner ever. Will it matter?

Politics and potatoes at the Iowa State Fair for Time

For Time magazine, I spent 5 days at the Iowa State Fair in August, covering the candidates at the Political Soapbox and the chaos of the fair, from champion potatoes to the accordion contest. It was an absolute dream assignment (well...except for the heat and humidity!) just wandering around finding interesting people to talk to and photograph. You can see Time's edit on the magazine's website: Potatoes and Politics: See Photos From the 2019 Iowa State Fair. This will be a vital part of my ongoing coverage of the 2020 election.

Huge thanks go to editors Paul Moakley, Katherine Pomerantz, and Kim Bubello, for the support and for the thoughtful edit.

Las Vegas image in Germany’s Manager Magazin

It's always nice to find new life for an old picture. In this case, Germany's "Manager Magazin," in the July 1, 2019, edition of the magazine used a photo from a couple years ago for a piece on the business of Las Vegas. The image was originally shot on the "Bus to November" project I did a couple years ago with Bloomberg, traveling across the US from Philadelphia to Los Angeles by Greyhound Bus for 2 weeks.

Thanks to Martin for finding a way to use the picture!

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