Tearsheet: Guns in Time magazine


It's always nice to find a new use for an old picture. In this case, Chelsea from Time needed images of guns for a feature called "The New Politics of Gun Control" (← paywalled). I had some images from a gun range that I photographed during the 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary earlier this year, and it ended up as an almost double-truck in the Sept. 12-19, 2016, issue of Time.

I had a funny way of first seeing the image in print: I was getting on a plane in Zagreb, Croatia, after participating in the Organ Vida Festival, and had been bumped to first class for some reason. The flight attendant asked if I wanted any newspapers, but only had Croatian newspapers. I asked if there were any English-language publications and she disappeared to check. She came back with the International New York Times and a copy of Time magazine containing this story and my picture. I'm not sure I've ever been handed a copy of one of my own pictures quite like that.

Thanks to Chelsea and Croatia Airlines!

Across the country in 2 weeks for Bloomberg’s Bus to November project

From Aug. 1 to 14, 2016, I traveled with Bloomberg reporter Esmé E. Deprez, I traveled by Greyhound bus from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, speaking to people we met along the way about their lives and the upcoming election. The final dispatch posted on Friday, and you can scroll down for the rest of our work over the trip. You can also see me in a short video by Griffin Hammon that aired on Bloomberg/MSNBC's With All Due Respect on Aug. 12, 2016 (starting at about 39:30; also available on youtube and embedded below).

I've never done anything quite like this, so it was a bit of an experiment. I'm particularly proud of the work I did and also that it accompanies such excellent reporting by Esmé. The work will hopefully serve as an addition to the work I've been doing on the 2016 election, broadening it's scope to look at voters across the country. For more photos, especially take a look at our post from Denver featuring short interviews and portraits I did with voters in Lexington, Nebraska, and on the bus from there to Denver, or the post from Las Vegas.

Tearsheet: White House Correspondents Association Dinner after party for MSNBC


Last week, I traveled to Washington DC to cover MSNBC's White House Correspondents Association Dinner after party for MSNBC. It was a surreal and exhausting experience, but I'm really happy with the edit that MSNBC published. Thanks to Amy and Rebecca and the rest of the MSNBC photo team for the assignment and edit, and to Diana and Rachel and the rest of the crew on the ground that made access to the party a breeze.

You can see the pictures online here: The glitz and glamour of the White House Correspondents' Dinner

And here's a 360 moving still image of me at the end of the night (about 3:30am) and thinking about the prospect of editing pictures to get published a few hours later.

Globe and Mail publishes more Trump images


Thanks again to Rachel at the Globe and Mail for picking up a few of my images of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for a weekend double-truck in Canada's The Globe and Mail newspaper in the April 2, 2016, edition. I just love the way this spread came out. The pictures accompany a phenomenal article by Cathal Kelly: Through the looking glass: the many faces of Trump and his fans.

The paper has printed some of my images for previous pieces on Hillary Clinton and Trump.

Newsweek publishes images of MIT Space Propulsion Laboratory nanosatellites

Thanks again to Shaminder at Newsweek for picking up a couple pictures for the March 18, 2016, issue of the magazine. This time, it was a couple pictures of the MIT's Space Propulsion Laboratory's nanosatellites, originally shot for the Chronicle of Higher Education. It's always nice to find a new use for old pictures, especially in a big spread like above. The two pictures were also used online alongside the article, Cubesats Will Take Over the Skies, Thanks to Electric Propulsion.

And here's something funny about the big picture accompanying the online article. I needed something common and small to show the scale of the device and there wasn't anything in the lab that really seemed right. So I dug into my pocket and found a quarter and my house key, figuring those would both give a recognizable sense of scale. That's how my house key ended up being in a picture published by Newsweek.

Newsweek also recently published a handful of pictures from my project on the New Hampshire presidential primary.

The Globe and Mail publishes Hillary Clinton images


The Globe and Mail have again printed a big spread of my political pictures in their weekend edition. Last time, it was focused on Trump's campaign, and this time it's all Hillary Clinton. The pictures appeared in the March 5, 2016, edition of the paper. Thanks again to Rachel at the Globe and Mail for such a great spread!

You can read the article and see my pictures online here: The Hillary paradox: How American women are struggling over feminism and Clintonism

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