Scenes from White Sands National Monument in New Mexico

From Winograd's well-known picture to stories from friends and family, White Sands National Monument in New Mexico is one of the jewels of the US National Park Service that I've always wanted to visit. I finally got the chance, for two sunsets, on a holiday trip in December, and it was everything I'd imagined. What a treat it was to crawl over the dunes as the sky turned from blue to orange to pink to black.

More pictures at my archive: White Sands National Monument - Dunes - Sunset - Tourism - New Mexico - 29 and 30 Dec 2017

Recent work for the New York Times

The anatomy of an ICE raid rumor from facebook to protest in Brockton, MA

Resistance School at Harvard University with Michael Blake

Cape Wind developer Jim Gordon

North End Bocce Ball League

A look at the newly renovated Gurney's Newport Resort and Marina

Meeting about future of Pilgrim Nuclear Energy Station

Harvard professors David Armitage and Charles Maier for Dagbladet Information

Earlier this summer, I photographed Harvard professors and authors David Armitage and Charles Maier for the Danish newspaper Dagbladet Information. Writer Martin Burchart and I met them at their office (Armitage) and home (Maier) for portraits and short interviews about their work on the political organization of people throughout history. Armitage had just published his book, "Civil Wars: A History in Ideas."

There are more images of David Armitage and Charles Maier available in my archive.

Pattie Maes’ Fluid Interfaces lab at MIT’s Media Lab for Belgium’s De Tijd

For Belgium's De Tijd and L'Echo, I spent a few hours in Pattie Maes' Fluid Interfaces Lab at MIT's Media Lab.

Like any shoot, there were plenty of challenges to overcome: Most of the technology being worked on was small or, in the case of the work on plants, impossible to visualize. The writer needed to conduct interviews throughout the time we were there. And there were two separate film crews working in the tiny lab space for the duration of the shoot, so either my equipment or theirs was always in the way.

Nevertheless, I'm always up for a challenge and it was nice to have full run of a lab for a few hours with experiments and prototypes that exist outside of a computational model. Because the interviews were being conducted while I was there, it was also a great opportunity to learn about some cutting-edge science. There were plants that can detect impurities or poisons in soil and water. There was a self-tuning guitar. There was a VR system that changes the experience based on physiological changes (body temperature, sweat, etc.) in the user. There was a device that gives typists or piano players an additional finger.

Thanks to Tim at De Tijd such a great assignment!

Colleges of the Fenway dance classes for the Chronicle of Higher Education

I spent an evening photographing dance classes for the Chronicle of Higher Education at Simmons College, one of the Colleges of the Fenway, for a story about colleges sharing costs across institutions to provide more services and classes to students. The participants in these tap and jazz classes are students from the 6 separate colleges that make up the the Colleges of the Fenway consortium.

This was one of the most challenging shoots I've had in recent memory. It was a bit like covering a sport without goals or out-of-bounds in a poorly lit room: there was no way to anticipate the action and no safe spot to put my lights. Tap dancing in an enclosed space is also incredibly loud, so it was difficult to direct the portrait I needed to take.

Thanks as always to Erica at the Chronicle for another great assignment.

A few minutes in the life of CNN’s Dana Bash for Elle

While covering the Republican National Convention for Mother Jones, I got a call for a quick assignment following CNN's Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash for

It was supposed to be a sort of day-in-the-life profile, but I had just a little more than about 20 minutes with her as she arranged interviews by phone on the delegate floor and as she prepared for a hit teasing to a later segment in one of the network's booths. Everyone was busy, and even though my photoshoot was probably the last thing she needed to deal with that day, she couldn't have been nicer. 

You can see a few other pictures from the shoot at CNN Anchor, single mom, and master multitasker Dana Bash.

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