Exhibition: International Festival of Photography in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

A few pictures from my election project, This is the worst party I've ever been to, were exhibited as large a-frame prints during the International Festival of Photography in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, from July 25-30, 2017. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to see the installation in person, but these photos provided by the festival (all photos credit: FIF Images - Gustavo Baxter) make me wish I had. The pictures were printed huge and presented alongside some other very intriguing work. My pictures were shown in Museu Mineiro, but the festival itself stretched into other venues and some parks throughout the city.

The festival video (below and on vimeo) shows the full extent of the festival. Thanks to the whole team in Belo Horizonte for including my work in such a great event!

American Photography 34: One image CHOSEN

I'm happy to announce that one of my pictures has been named Chosen in American Photography 34. Unlike the past few years, I won't have anything in the book this year, but it's an honor to have this image, of a man injured in scuffles outside the DeploraBall before Trump's inauguration in Washington, DC, honored in the annual selection of the best photography in the US.

Thanks to the American Photography organizers and the judges this year: Roxanne Behr, New York magazine; Siobhan Bohnacker, The New Yorker; Todd Heughens, FX Networks; Andrew Katz, TIME; Chelsea Matiash, The New York Times (formerly The Intercept); Krista Prestek, Apple (formerly GQ); and Matt Willey, The New York Times Magazine.

Previously, I've had images Selected for the book in American Photography 33 and American Photography 32, and one image Chosen for the website in American Photography 30.

Exhibition and catalog: Germany’s HANT magazine 10th anniversary show

From October 12 to December 30, 2017, a handful of my pictures from my election project, This is the worst party I've ever been to, were shown in Kunsthalle Erfurt in Erfurt, Germany, for the 10-year retrospective exhibition of HANT magazine. The exhibition was called »SO WEIT – SO GUT,« which I believe translates as "So far, so good." The exhibition featured a ton of great photographers and I really wish I could've seen the installation in person. If you read German (or trust Google Translate!) check out HANT's post about the exhibition. Here you can also see one spread from the exhibition catalog featuring my work.

Previously, the magazine published a few of my pictures last year. The exhibition featured many of those images, but also a few that haven't been printed or shown before.

NEW DATE: ASMP Talk – Know Your Rights – Real-world licensing and negotiation

UPDATE 2: The talk has now been rescheduled for April 3, 2018. Registration is open on the ASMP website.

UPDATE: The talk has been postponed due to weather. I will update when the new date has been decided.

ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The American Society of Media Photographers (New England) has invited me to give a talk on business practices for freelancers on March 13, 2018. I've got an ambitious outline for the talk, covering licensing, contract negotiations, and copyright registration and protection. I'll be drawing on my own experience as a freelancer, showing contracts I've worked with and email exchanges over copyright infringements.

The event is on March 13, 2018, at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts. You can see the ASMP event page here. Ticket prices vary based on membership in the ASMP and other partner organizations, including AIGA, ASPP, Griffin, NPPA, PPA, PRC, and the BPPA.

Hope to see you there!

Travel: In Montana Nov. 8 – 20, 2017

Abandoned homestead north of Rudyard, Montana. 2013.

Abandoned homestead north of Rudyard, Montana. 2013.


I'll be in Montana for a bit this November to visit family and get outside a bit. Cell phone signals will be hard to come by for parts of the trip, and email communication will be delayed. I'll be in Great Falls and rural areas in the north-central part of the state. Back in Boston on November 20.

Tearsheet: George Church and his lab for Norway’s Morgenbladet

I photographed Harvard and MIT geneticist George Church a couple of months ago for the Norwegian news-weekly Morgenbladet. His work is fascinating--he's contributed to targeted gene editing such as CRISPR (and a newer method he thinks is better) and cloning the DNA of the woolly mammoth (soon to be a major motion picture)--and it was a joy to sit in on the interview and work alongside Morgenbladet writer Jon Kåre Time.

We were a bit unsure what sort of access we'd have for the piece, but thanks to the lab for being so open, I was able to get enough pictures for the cover (at left) and across 8 pages inside the magazine. I wish I could read the reporting, but if you happen to speak Norwegian and subscribe to Morgenbladet, you can read the online version here. There are a few images online that didn't appear in print.

I've got many more photos in my archive from my short time in the lab with George Church, his lab's staff philosopher and bioethicist Jeantine E. Lunshof, and the rest of the researchers.

A big thanks to Christina and Jon at Morgenbladet, Jonno for passing the job along to me, and Church's assistant and lab staff for being so accommodating to us.

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