Hope Hicks/Trump in Paris Match, Mujer Hoy, Dipiù Weekly, and Marie Claire


One of my pictures of Hope Hicks sitting at a diner table with then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 New Hampshire primary campaign was published in early 2017 by Paris Match, Mujer Hoy (Spain), Dipiù Weekly (Italy), and in June 2016 in Marie Claire (US). Here, you can see the image as it appeared in Paris Match.

The image was initially shot on assignment for the Wall Street Journal, but it's great to see it get some life outside the initial publication. Thanks to all of the editors for getting in touch and using my work!

Trump images in Esquire UK


I'm a bit late in posting about this, but 2 of my images of then-candidate Donald Trump campaigning in New Hampshire last year were published in the January/February 2017 issue of Esquire UK. You can see the two spreads above.

Thanks to Henny at Esquire UK for giving me this great play. The pictures accompany an interesting essay by David Thomson entitled "Believe Me! A Letter From America." which unfortunately doesn't appear to be easily accessible online.

Though this is my first time in Esquire UK, a big chunk of the project was published in the February 2016 Esquire US issue as a portfolio.

Two images Selected for American Photography 33

Outside the Palm Beach Republican Club headquarters. West Palm Beach, Florida. October, 2016. Shot on assignment for Stern. Photo editor: Angelika Hala.

Outside the Palm Beach Republican Club headquarters. West Palm Beach, Florida. October, 2016. Shot on assignment for Stern. Photo editor: Angelika Hala.

Interview with then-candidate Donald Trump. Manchester, New Hampshire. January 2016. Shot on assignment for the Wall Street Journal. Photo Editor: Alexander Cohn.

Interview with then-candidate Donald Trump. Manchester, New Hampshire. January 2016. Shot on assignment for the Wall Street Journal. Photo Editor: Alexander Cohn.


Two of my images have been "Selected" as winners in the American Photography 33 competition and will be included in the organization's annual book of what they call "the best original, thoughtful and compelling pictures" of 2016. The images selected were part of my ongoing coverage of the 2016 presidential election. The first, above, was from an assignment in Florida in October 2016 for German newsmagazine Stern, assigned by their New York photo editor Angelika Hala. The second image included was from an assignment to cover what was supposed to be an exclusive interview with Donald Trump in advance of the New Hampshire Primary for the Wall Street Journal, assigned by photo editor Alexander Cohn.

The jury for this year's competition included: Kate Bubacz, Senior Photo Editor, BuzzFeed News; Jeff Campagna, Photo Editor, Smithsonian Magazine; Bailey Franklin, Director of Photography, Variety; Amy Kellner, Associate Photo Editor, The New York Times Magazine; Christopher Martinez, Digital Creative Director, VP, Barneys New York; Michele Outland, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Gather Journal; and Patrick Witty, Deputy Director of Photography, National Geographic.

Thanks to both the jury and especially to Angelika and Alex for assigning me for these stories.

Last year, one of my pictures, of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, was included in the book, and in 2014, one of my pictures, again from a Wall Street Journal assignment, was "chosen" for online slideshow.

Worst Party featured in Hant Magazine


HANT - Magazin für Fotografie published a portfolio of my work from the 2016 presidential election in their eighth issue, which came out in November 2016. I wasn't familiar with the magazine before they approached me, but it's one I'll keep an eye on; each issue prints a wide variety of boundary-pushing photography from around the world and it's beautifully designed and printed. The magazine was awarded in the 2016 Visual Leader awards in Germany last year, alongside other leading publications including Der Spiegel, Zeit, Stern, Dummy, and others. They published a handful of pictures from "This is the worst party I've ever been to." over 8 pages in the magazine, and you can see the spreads above.

Thanks to Dominik Bönisch, Alexander Grüner, and the rest of the team there for including me in such wonderful company.

It might be difficult to get a copy of the magazine, but you can see some photos of spreads throughout the issue at the HANT website.

Tearsheets: Philippe Douste-Blazy’s campaign for WHO Director-General for M, Le Monde’s weekend magazine


A couple months ago I had a fascinating opportunity to follow around French politician Philippe Douste-Blazy as he campaigned around Harvard University's School of Public Health in a bid (ultimately unsuccessful) to become the World Health Organization's Director-General for an assignment for M, the weekend magazine of the French newspaper Le Monde. It was a quick succession of one meeting after another in sterile classroom settings. I was thankful for instructions from my editor Laurence to use the technique I've been working on in my project on American politics, This is the worst party I've ever been to., as a way of cutting past the surface level of a politician politicking, albeit in a much different arena than I'm used to.

Douste-Blazy has been, at various times: a member of European parliament; the French Minister of Health; the French Minister of Culture; mayor of Toulouse, France, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Under-Secretary-General, Special Adviser on innovative Financing for Development in the United Nations; and chairman of UNITAID. While this campaign at Harvard was on a much smaller scale than either he or I have seen before, the glad-handing and speechifying was very familiar territory.

You can see the two spreads above, published in the 14 January 2017, issue of the magazine, or, if you read French, can check out the article online. I haven't seen the print edition of the magazine yet, but I'm told I was listed up front in the "contributor" section, as well.

Thanks to Laurence and the rest of the team at Le Monde for letting me do my thing on this story.

Interview and images in British Journal of Photography

A big thank you to Simon Bainbridge and the rest of the crew at the British Journal of Photography for featuring my work on the 2016 election in the November issue of the British Journal of Photography. There were a handful of images published across 5 pages (seen here) in the print edition, and more online.

I haven't seen the print copy in person yet, so I haven't gotten to see the other half of the feature with Greg Miller's beautiful project "We The People," but you can check it out on his website or the BJP site.

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